Sunday, 8 January 2012

Resolutions for 2012

Hi!! Well this one's coming a bit late though, but still I felt like penning it down. Ok! we have already bid goodbye to 2011 a week back, and welcomed 2012 with all the celebrations. Like every passing year, this one is also not devoid of new rays of hope that we expect to change our lives for the better. Be it financial, health, career, marriage, love, education etc. all of us have our own sets of dreams and aspirations that we expect the new year to honor and fulfill. Apart from this wish list, another aspect of the New Year, that makes it special is an equally long list of resolutions or promises or vows that we make from ourselves in order to differentiate this upcoming year from the previous ones, most importantly by highlighting the contribution of our efforts in this direction. Some of the most common resolutions pertain to weight loss, and quitting smoking. However, the most hilarious thing is that these promises die out soon after the new year commences, with most of them taking their last breath on the 1st of January itself. Wow!! that's really funny. What is the relevance of such resolutions then? Last week I visited my friend, who is a chain smoker and a booz lover. So much so, that his health & marital life is seriously getting impacted by it, with both the souls almost fighting it out daily, only to slowly sacrifice their domestic harmony and relations, but the bottle is still dwelling peacefully beside his bed. Upon my visit, the wife started complaining as usual, and as a result, it was decided by my friend that 2012 on wards would be alcohol-free life for him, and requested both of us to allow him to have his last drink on 31st night only. After a lot of arguments and reluctance we agreed. But what happened? He could only stay away from that disease for a week. Yesterday only, his wife called up, crying inconsolably to inform me that he is back to his usual lifestyle, which has recently got him admitted to a nearby hospital. The doctors say, his liver is completely damaged, and kidneys are also mildly affected, and the only thing that can now guarantee his life is total abandonment of alcohol. And I know for sure, he just won't be able to give it up. This makes me wonder, what hopes did this New Year bring for his family and for other families suffering from similar problems? He too started out by claiming to leave boozing completely as an important New Year resolution, only to break it. It would have been better, had this promise been made as a personal vow on any one fine normal morning, or  maybe his wedding anniversary or birthday or even his wife's birthday in order to act as a responsible husband and son-in-law, rather than a hollow miniscule resolution for 2012, which only made it all the more irrelevant and weak, instead of fortifying it. Still, people don't understand and keep on making the same mistakes. And I am no different, because my New Year Resolution for 2012 is NOT TO MAKE ANY RESOLUTION!!