Tuesday, 11 September 2012

5 Easy Fixes to Increase Sales on Your Website

Technology is both “boon” and “bane”, because, though, on one hand it makes our lives easier by providing those tools and techniques that enable us to economize on both time and effort, thereby, increasing our efficiency, however, on the other hand, its unrestricted and equal access to everyone is not a sure-shot success mantra, else, there would be many Apples or Googles around us. In reality, technology just increases our resourcefulness. Real success necessitates capitalizing on those resources using our own personal capabilities and competencies. One such widely popular technology that has been around for quite some time now is Internet Marketing which makes use of the World Wide Web to promote a company’s products and services on its website, available both on PCs and smartphones that in the past mostly involved listing down the prospective customers and then approaching them either physically or through cold calling. Consequently, the amount of traffic the website attracts in terms of the number of virtual footfalls experienced by it in the form of the number of hits it receives, actually determines its popularity and brand visibility, which in turn translates into sales revenue, the quantification of which is done nowadays, using highly advanced tools like Google Analytics, Pay-per Click etc. But ironically, as I mentioned earlier that, though, every organization both big and small knows about this technologically-driven business trend, making it invest a good amount in building its company website, still, ensuring that your website brings in more revenue requires some strategic thinking which not everyone possesses. Unfortunately, for most businesses, internet marketing is all about getting a swanky website built full of “love at first sight” User Interface and engrossingly innovative and fresh content. These are no doubt important in creating that first impression, but what to do in order to sustain it till eternity. The truth is that website design and development just represents the first step of entering into the virtual market and won’t result in any miraculous commercial accomplishments for your organization unless you keep in mind this list of “easy to follow” 5 golden rules that every company should abide by in order to increase conversion rate of its company website by turning visitors into customers, that would eventually translate into increased sales figures:

        i.            Use Google Analytics - With the arrival of Google, doing business is never the same, considering its vast weaponry like Google Ad Sense and Google Ad Words, all part of a bigger artillery of Google Analytics that provides you with an insight as to how visitors interact with not only your complete website, but also its different pages, prompting you to introduce the necessary permutations and combinations in them that would increase their appeal, thus, bringing the same visitors back, but this time as customers. To cater to a wide spectrum of different dimensions of internet marketing, there are separate reports generated for the content, mobile performance, social media platform, and advertising aspects of the website, enabling you to get a macro-view of how the website is performing.

      ii.            Direct Contact Number on the Header - It might sound funny and weird, but making this simple addition of including your direct contact number to your website’s header can increase both conversion and sales significantly through increased interest from prospective clients and phone-related enquiries and sales. This is because research suggests that when reading something, the human eye starts scanning stuff from top right corner, and when it comes to accessing a web page, most of us have this habit of automatically looking for the different number of tabs located on top just below the header. 

    iii.            No Complicated Product Order Forms/RFP Forms - Avoid using confusing multiple fields in your product order forms/RFP forms, which for the most part are responsible for lost sales of a visitor by not only sapping him of his patience and bogging him down the moment he encounters one on your site, but also annoying him tremendously when due to a technical glitch that causes the server to go down and hence the web page to evaporate, making his entire effort to go down the drain mid-way. You are not seeking students to join a school or college that asks them to fill up a long admission form. If you don’t mend your ways then be assured that neither will he come back nor recommend your site to anyone else. 

     iv.            Image-Based Testimonials - It is imperative to use them on your website, for not only adding a personal touch that would increase the site’s appeal. Further, unlike plain text-based ones, the images-based testimonials are also difficult to copy by someone else.  

       v.            Spike up Your Credibility Factor - The only way to rule the digital world is to build your reputation as a trustworthy and credible business by expanding the diameter of your presence through your footprints as trails for prospects to follow you. This is done by adding your complete contact details including e-mail address on every web page and product order form/enquiry forms, adding social media handles and also URLs directing the user to the earlier mentioned testimonials page.



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